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Harnessing cutting-edge technology to transport you into an exciting new era of digital entertainment.


Divtone Group is the world’s first Entertainment Technology (“Enter-Tech”) company, harnessing the latest technology to deliver electrifying, interactive experiences that transport fans into a breathtaking virtual world.

The Group comprises three companies that specialize in various areas of Enter-Tech innovation. Divtone Entertainment is Asia’s leading entertainment provider; Divtone Studios is a pioneer in augmented reality (AR), real-time motion technology and holographic artistry, and Divtone Immersive focuses on virtual interaction and projection mapping.


To transform the live performance industry by developing interactive, augmented reality (AR), and virtual live performances. Together, Divtone Group’s three state-of-the-art businesses create a 360-degree entertainment experience that is revolutionizing the industry.



Divtone, a Luxembourg holding company with three subsidiary businesses (Divtone Entertainment, Divtone Studios and Divtone Immersive), has offices located in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan (ROC) and the United States.

Divtone global presence


Norimitsu "Nori" Kameshima

Founder and CEO, Divtone Group

Under Nori’s guidance, Divtone Group has already achieved great success with projects such as – Z-POP Dream Project, digital aquarium, and others.

Nori serves as CEO for Divtone’s three subsidiary companies.

He previously founded Zenith Group Holdings Co. Ltd., a digital media and ‘virtual idol’ company based in China, which was subsequently acquired by Bilibili Inc. (Nasdaq: BILI), a Chinese entertainment and mobile gaming company.

He created Luo Tianyi, a virtualized animated character, who performed in live concerts throughout China (including a performance with pianist Lang-Lang).

Stephen L. Norris

Director and Strategic Advisor Divtone, Group

Steve was co-founder of The Carlyle Group, a global private equity and investment firm with offices around the world; he served on the Boards of Directors of numerous Carlyle portfolio companies.

He possesses substantial experience in financial strategy, providing strategic business advice to portfolio companies, and analyzing and investing in public and private companies. While at Carlyle and thereafter, Steve has made, directed or participated in buyouts, venture or innovative capital investments, real estate (including hotels, office, multi-family, storage and warehousing) and private equity investments totaling more than $10 billion.

Steve has served as a principal advisor and investor in numerous transactions and investments in Europe and the United States, in many cases working with investors from the MENA. He has also served on the board of directors of a substantial number of companies over the years.

Richard Kidd

Chief Technical Officer, Divtone Group

Richard is a seasoned 25 year veteran of the entertainment industry. He has held director, producer and visual effects supervisor roles while advising Hollywood icons like James Cameron on Titanic, the Wachowskis on the Matrix, Robert Zemeckis on Castaway. His credits also include The Chronicles of Narnia, Twilight, and Transformers franchises, among many others. He has created and pioneered most of the standard digital effects seen in today’s major blockbuster films.

Kidd has long been seen as an expert in the “Enter-Tech” space, and is considered the go to source for solving complex visual effects and computer generated image (CGI) problems when others can’t.

Parlaying his successes in the entertainment industry, Richard became a visionary in the Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) space. He is the former CEO of Perilous Orbit, the VR/AR developer and publisher of Sports Bar VR, which was a ground-breaking hit, a bestseller, and the very first VR title to crack the top 10 on Steam (the “App Store” of video games).

KC Blinn

Chief Marketing Officer, Divtone Group

KC is an award-winning creative brand builder with more than 25 years of expertise constructing unique and specific consumer experiences for some of the world’s most recognized brands like, BestBuy, Mattel Toys, Toyota, Live Nation, Fox Entertainment, Warner Bros, Disney, Adidas, Pabst Brewing Co., Miller/Coors, Royal Hawaiian Orchards, Wolfgang Puck, and Justin Timberlake.

An authority in creative strategy and brand positioning with a proven approach, he utilizes partnerships and collaboration to drive brand awareness and consumer engagement through social and digital channels.

Previously, KC had a 10 year stint as the Executive Creative Director for the Pabst Brewing Company (PBC) in Los Angeles. He became known for his ability to build and execute highly successful brand strategies across the PBC portfolio of more than 50 domestic and global brands. Through his extensive experience in the consumer packaged goods and entertainment space, as well as running his own creative agency, he is an expert at communicating with the millennial and emerging centennial consumer (Gen Z).

Alexander Karlsson

Director, Music & Talent, Divtone Group

Alex Karlsson is one of the world’s biggest K-pop producers boasting 8 billboard top 10’s, multiple platinum sales with TWICE, NCT DREAM, SUPER JUNIOR, SHINEE, CHERRY BULLET, ALEXA, B.A.P, and KEY in 2019. With multiple nominations and victories at the Golden Discs (winning both male and female album of the year), MAMA’s (nominated for debut of the year), Seoul Music Awards (Nominated for album of the year x2, song of the year, and debut of the year). Now a quick look into his 2020 new records including Alexa, SUPER M, Red Velvet, Now United and BTS which on its own accumulated album sales exceeding 7 million copies, A.K.A the highest in the world since ADELE’s 25 in 2015. Landing him the grand number of 10 Billboard number 1’s so far this year alone.

Alex is especially known for launching new acts such as ALEXA and Cherry Bullet into stardom with hit songs like BOMB and Q&A both charting top 20 on the Billboard global charts in 2019 alone. At only 26 years of age Alex has proven to be a power house creating hit after hit content for the youths of today.

Andrew R. Jones

Creative Director, Divtone Group

Andrew R. Jones, a two time Academy Award winner (Avatar and The Jungle Book), has worked as an Animation Supervisor and Animation Director for major Hollywood films. Most notable films he has worked on include Titanic, Godzilla, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Superman Returns, World War Z, and I, Robot.

Joel Hynek

Creative Producer, Divtone Group

Joel Hynek is a two time academy award winner. His physics background and extensive experience in VFX has minted his career in feature films and amusment rides. Joel served extensively on the Board of the Visual Effects Society and the Executive Committee of the Visual Effects Branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


Global Talent Platform & Entertainment Company

Divtone Entertainment is a technology-driven entertainment and media company with offices in Singapore and US. Attracting a global audience, Divtone Entertainment is dedicated to delivering original and innovative entertainment content that inspires audiences and puts fans at the heart of the experience. Its current project, Z-POP Dream, is dedicated to discovering new generations of pop stars across the world.

Virtual Celebrity Creation

Divtone Studios represents the future of Enter-Tech. The company’s virtualization studio uses state-of-the-art technology to create photorealistic virtual celebrities. From the digital creation of global icons to the production of world-class pop concerts and interactive shows, Divtone Studios is redefining the entertainment industry.

Virtual Celebrity Creation

Divtone Studios represents the future of Enter-Tech. The company’s virtualization studio uses state-of-the-art technology to create photorealistic virtual celebrities. From the digital creation of global icons to the production of world-class pop concerts and interactive shows, Divtone Studios is redefining the entertainment industry.

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Interactive Virtual Attractions & Theme Parks

Divtone Immersive is a cutting-edge company that pushes beyond the boundaries of perception and reality to create virtual attractions and digital theme parks. This has already transformed global attractions and the exhibition sector. Recent works include the breathtaking 6,500 meters under the sea virtual aquarium at the Shanghai World Financial Center.S



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